ohhh where were you all?

aha. so no fanfare this time.
I am an @$$hole.
I know I havent written anything for TWO WEEKS! TWO FRIGGIN WEEKS!

its mostly been college and the fact that I dont have a phone line (even my cell's been cut)

anyway.. where do I begin?
life's certainly pleasant when your cellphone's cut off for three days with no reason whatsoever..
I tried calling the customer help, and I had myself a little conversation (me and Iraqna Cell customer help girl), let me share it with you: (AND I SWEAR THIS WAS REAL)

me: hello?
girl: hello sir this is Iraqna telecom welcome I am ______ at your service what can I do for you welcome..
me: ummm.. my phone.. this one, has been cut off for three days now and..
girl: then how are you calling, sir?
me: it WAS cut off.. as in past. get it?
girl: oh yes sir sorry thank you welcome.
me: so I tried fixing the SIM card on other handsets, tried manually selecting the network, now should I go buy a new line or something? or should I get my phone checked?
girl: well sir.. you could always try fixing the SIM card on another handset, then try to manually select the network, if that fails, have your phone checked at an authorised dealer, and call us if you still don't see any change..
me: wha? I just told you I DID THAT ALREADY.. NOW TELL ME WHAT THE F*** SHOULD I DO?
girl: I don't know sir sorry thank you very much welcome again..

beep. beep. beep.


anyways... yesterday two buddies of mine came round to my house to pick me up for college.. they came and we rode off, but when we got on the highway, the driver just didnt see a metal spike potruding from somewhere, so he drove on it, and ripped out his timing case (the thing with the engine oil under the engine).. we didnt feel anything, thought it was just some other brick or something.. anyways, we were driving in the middle of baghdad's worst hoods when BAM! the car broke down DEAD. ouch. we all had exams and shit, so no chance of someone staying behind to watch after the car.. we had to push it over 300 meters THE WRONG WAY into incoming traffic till we reached the safe haven of a parking lot.. when we got there, it was padlocked.. (this is like 7:30 in the morning, and in that area, everyone's got a hangover from last night, so no wakey-wakey before 12) we were standing like idiots with car-keys in our hands when suddenly this guy sneaked on us out of nowhere.. he was pushing this old juice-cart with baskets of dried and shrivled oranges and stuff, he stopped near us and said: "Heyyy.. what's up? Your car broken or something?" Now I tell you, the guy's car was a Mercedes 300 SE and this dude was all leery and sneaky looking at it. "Why the garage won't open for some time, why don't you leave your car with ME and I'll TAKE CARE OF IT??"
so we decided to wait a little more, and meanwhile got ourselves some fresh orange juice off this guy..
it was nice.. faint taste of braking fluid but ok considering the neighborhood we were in..
after 5 minutes the park owner came and we stored the car there until after we finished our exam.
noon time.
I did so-so on the exam, not very good but not very bad..
time came to go pick the car.
Rode with the car's owner in a cab across half of baghdad to get a tow-truck, we got one and returned across the aforementioned half..
when we got there, there was no place in the front cab for both me and my friend ALONG with the driver, so I decided to ride on the back.. ON THE WINCH!
not actually on the winch but rather on the engine block.
squeezed between exhaust pipe and the winch, it was a fun ride back home.. real fun..
sitting on the HOT engine block, legs dangling in the air OVER THE HIGHWAY, holding a steel bar for life, and quietly smoking a cigarette... oh it was nice.
anyways, know that BonJovi Song where he says:
"I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride" ???
Well to tell the truth, I felt like Ali Baba trundling on a rusty mule along a broken and pitted highway.. with the mule's exhaust pipe stuck in my face.
I am still wheezing.
not really.
but it still was fun!


now look I am REALLY sorry I couldnt update for all this time, I promise I'll do better, I promise!
Oh and thank you ALL who've been here.. esp. Steph.
I'm heading over to visit her now!

see ya round soon.
(soon enough)

and my phone's still cut, doing this in a net cafe.

I'm here.

Sorry the phone line was cut.
I havent been able to go online for ages. sorry sorry.
doing this on borrowed time. just posted this to show i aint dead yet.

will do a full-length one soon.

3rd time in 3 months my phone's been cut. (from "natural" causes)


wait for me please!

Nothing new to report..

Sorry but you just have to wait for me to come round..
nothing much to say nowadays.. maybe tomorrow I'll post something new..

oh. I have an Idea:
I want to discuss the remnants of aristocracy in the Iraqi society.

just let me regroup my thoughts and come back.
tomorrow it is.