We're all in it together..

Yesterday I saw a vision.
A truly great movie from before the era of "White Noise" and "Are we there yet?" (oh and the ever-jumping Nya-Nya-you-can't-kill-me Electra... Brrr.)

A bleak, anti-utopian picture of the future..
a little movie called "Brazil"!

Not exactly the genius that was 1984, but close enough to be from the same initial mold!
Its about how when you wish for something, you just might get it, and get it good you will..
I found myself having the same claustrophobic feeling I got while I was watching 1984, the non-adventure of a non-entity called Sam Lowry searching for his love, a girl named Jill Layton (get it? hehe), in a world which permits you no real Identity, just a number, another cog in the machine..
Beautiful stuff, more modern but also more watered-down than 1984.. Still beautiful!
There's a young Robert De Niro in there too, playing a hilarious part as the underground resistance member/plumber doing "VIGILANTE" plumbing missions to thwart the evil corporate mind.
The most imaginative scenes are when Lowry starts dreaming that he is an angel with wings of steel trying to rescue the be-caged beauty from evil deformed midgets and a 30-foot robot samurai with fire for blood!
People die, no, NUMBERS erased, eradicated, deleted, love is crushed, an apartment's heating system is destroyed, and two Governmental Plumbers die drowned when their haz-met suits get pumped full of S**T instead of Air!
And it's all because of a little fly buzzing near a type-writer in the beginning of the movie!
if you like comedy, BLACK comedy.. this is for you!

For any fan of Orwell out there, go check it out (available on DVD) , this is THE best non-Orwell vision of how our unified, corporate future would be like!

"Suspicion breeds confidence"
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