Story of my life.
I was born waiting!
(actually I was in a big rush to see the world, so I was delievered two weeks earlier than predicted.. but that, is another story)

My mother is shaping up good, she had an appointment with her doctor last week and he told her he was satisfied with the results so far.. she still gets headaches and pains from time to time..
all in all she's ok.
We didn't tell anyone about her back home (They tend to freak out when they hear OPERATION) but guess what? My uncle called the other day, congratulating us on the success of the surgery and all.. everyone was looking at me, I swore I told not one family member about it.. they ask him, and voila, my cousin was checking something, she came here, read the thing I wrote, and blew the whistle!
I was given permanent latrine duty.
I cried out for my first amendmant rights but they countered back, saying: "Oh, but you are not american and henceforth you cannot ask to be treated as such!"
What about the Human rights mandate?
They told me YOU ARE IRAQI, therefore, you do not have any rights... You are not even human.. what do you think makes you special from all those poor souls back home?
signed, sealed and delivered.

(if anyone back home is reading this, the thing above is FICTION, i.e. NOT real, don't get me into more trouble...)
Big "MAMA" is watching you.

So anyways, before I am dragged from the console here, let me state what's on my mind:

what a day it will be.

first, Stephie, a dear friend of mine is having a personal crisis, Go to her and cheer her up please!

second, MY RESULTS come out on monday.. (Did I tell you that ANOTHER guy tried the same trick on me .. the "Man, you failed.." trick, and IT WORKED, AGAIN. I am so gullible. And they are so DEAD)

and third: I'll be getting something really special from someone really special!
been waiting for this sooooo long!
She is the reason I want to pass..
the 14th is looming, but valentine's day is never what's its supposed to be when there's so many thousand miles between the two people.


Oh, also waiting for a PS2 game called GranTurismo4 to arrive..

this Monday will be "like a box of chocolate"
THE box of chocolate.
I want to pass soooo bad.

till after..
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