One more thing to know:

I've held this close to the chest for all this time.. but time's up..

You know I'm currently blogging from Jordan, I passed my first MSc course, so?
this means the second course is starting up.. so I have to go back.

This will be my last post here in Jordan, as I leave tomorrow morning for Baghdad and I don't feel like posting again today.. Its been a good time, caught up with old friends, met new ones, had a couple of good fights (verbal, and not really) with some people visiting over at IraqiBlogCount (check old posts before the elections) , saw some new interesting blogs appear, and many interesting blogs disappear..

anyways, what I want to say is this: I probably won't be able to post as much as I do now.. inhibiting factors include: electricity, college, and money (to charge my net-account)

I expect to be able to post every two days or so, so please do not feel left out or denied access to my demented mind, I am still here with my brain-matter brewing constantly in this egg-shell I call a head..

Umm.. I'll try to post on Saturday as I won't be able to get access before that, I'm really gonna try to check on friday on my good friend Steph.. I told you to go cheer her up!

SO Don't cry for me Argentinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....


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