Mwa ha ha serves you right!

Heyy.. for the first time in my life I actually listened to some advice.

thank you for guiding me to the right path. DEATH TO HALOSCAN.

problem is: all your lovely comments got wiped out AGAIN! DejaVu anyone?


sorry again but now I hope you like this, it doesnt have smiley faces and stuff, but it doesnt sign you in when it wants to!

see ya round (I'll post again saturday God willing)

thank you all for your support and feedback, I'll b checking on all of you! and BM.. get back to your blog will you? write some new stuff for God's sake.

Cheers and THEN SOME!

oh and congrats for me.. I finally did a 180 split today after months of training! (nuts, but that's like me! been training for two months now -not counting the time spent in Jordan- and I finally did it today! Crazy! hehe)
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