Habits in the Promised Land: part 1

Why do Iraqi males slurp?

It’s not enough to kiss anyone in sight (males and children) without any good reason... they take it one step forward and slurp while they’re doing it.

Now this goes anywhere, anytime, and everyone is doing it. Here it is forbidden by males to kiss females (unless they’re related, and even then there are exceptions...

for example: you can’t kiss your sister-in-law… your brother will rip your
head off for it)

Anyways, it’s like this: people who you don’t know, you just kiss on the
cheek a couple of times… it’s the ones you know that cause a problem:

in some cases you see someone slurping down someone’s neck.

Tell me that is not revolting... (And this happens to me on a daily basis.. I know someone (straight, but Iraqi) who finds real pleasure in slurping down your neck, and I can’t say no because that would be considered as disrespect)

I am not homophobic... This is not an easy claim in a country where if you don’t spit, jeer and sneer at every decent-looking male in sight, you are considered not worthy of being a man.. If you don’t look like you’ve been left in the microwave for 10 extra minutes, smell of sour-sweat and dirt (sand mixed with sweat), then you are simply NOT a man..

I am not homophobic, but I really don’t like the way everyone here kiss each other. It’s simply a matter of privacy. I like to keep myself to myself, and henceforth have a large “Comfort” circle...

(You know, the imaginary circle on the ground around you in which anyone has to be outside of in order for you to feel comfortable)

and when I go the extra mile and express my dislike for this habit, they feel insulted and rejected… like I’ve spit them in the eye.

It sucks. No, THEY suck, and I mean literally, when they kiss, you can feel them suck and slurp. Get a life. GET A WOMAN.

This is the case with 99.9% of Iraqi men (and Arab ones as well) It’s a natural result of years of separation and segregation... We are raised from the crib to denounce all females as something without any real weight in society... (And in less severe cases, mindless, opinion-less vessels for our breed)

It’s not Islam’s fault... It’s the practitioners’…
Boys play with boys, and girls with girls…We have gone back to our tribal roots, the way we were before Islam shone its light upon us.. Duking it out in the deserts of Arabia, keeping a multitude of females for service.. Both domestic and otherwise. It sickens me to the core.

I’ve heard many, MANY people (both male and female) say that the only place fit for a woman is the kitchen, that higher education is not necessary, and even if a woman had higher education, it would only mean a diploma/wall decoration to show to visitors on dinner invitations…

hmm.. I usually retaliate with ONE question that shuts them ALL up: “Ok.. suppose your wife (or YOU if I’m talking to a woman) would get pregnant, would you accept to be examined by a MALE gynecologist?”

That does the trick EVERY TIME.Back to the subject: will there be an end to slurping in sight? (I’m betting they have a better chance of Zarqawi retiring to Florida than that to happen)

Is there a petition I can sign somewhere to present to an Arab leader in order to obtain justice on this subject? (Although I’m positive the first thing he’ll do when greeting me is slurp on my cheek..

What really bothers me is the remaining saliva and smell left there, which strangely does not wipe off clean unless you use battery acid.. DENTAL CARE ANYONE? PLEASE?)

If anyone related to me or knows me in person is reading this, please don’t take it personally.. I still have things to do before I die. Thank you.

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