First Day of School!

I'm here.. back in the zone.
Not THE zone (in reference to the GREEN zone)
but the general killzone otherwise known as Iraq.

First day here went really smooth. got a terrible headache.

my results turned out pretty good actually, I'm pretty proud of lil ol' me at the moment..
reckon I might even make it into our elite "top 10" students in the class..
didnt know I was THAT smart.

HEY! let me brag for a minute there! It won't hurt and I'm sure once this course is up and running I'll swallow each and every word said above!

thank you friends for coming here..
Still waiting for your Jake news, Steph.. Aww poor girl! I hope the test comes out ok!
that's GOTTA hurt! hehe

thank you again. gotta split while I can.

I'll post again tomorrow maybe..
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