Welcome '05!

I'm late as usual, I know...
the world hasnt changed much (till now) and believe it or not, this time I have SOME hope!
yeah yeah whatever..
anyways, here goes:
I started the year in good style, HAVING MY FINAL EXAMS!
today was the first, I did kinda ok, will have good survival rate I hope!
anyways, These things (exams) end on the 18th... so I'll be busy like crazy..
good thing that I studied SOME of the subjects upfront!
hey lemme tell you a joke (silly and OLD, but no matter.. I like to impose my demented genius upon others..)

One day Jungle jim lost his chimp, it ran away and climbed a tree, so he went round to his friend Tom's house and asked him for help returning the monkey...
so the next day Tom came round with handcuffs, a baseball bat, a shotgun and a leashed Chihuahua..

Jim: What are those things for?

Tom: Look here, I'll take the bat and go climb the tree, when I hit the monkey with the bat, it will fall, so you release the Chihuahua, it'll go for the monkey's nuts, the monkey will put his hands down to protect them, then you go and handcuff him..OK?

Jim: Ok, but what do I do with the shotgun?

Tom: If I fall, shoot the Chihuahua!

ho. ho. ho.
I know its not funny but I cant help it.
oh well..
thanx to all first and foremost, for supporting me, correcting me, and being good friends!
Semper Fi.


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