Iraqi national committee elections or something..

Yeah so the elections loom ever so close..
So what?
I didnt pay 500$ and jump the border to vote..
if i wanted to vote, i would've gotten in line with all the other people who're gonna get themselves blown-off the earth to elect someone who will not even look down while he's stepping on them! Ahhh... the sound of friends ripping my head off for what I'm saying!
one friend actually told me: "Hey how are you, I miss you, so-and-so, such-and-such, and VOTE! no excuses now! so-and-so...etc.."
first, I don't like being ordered around (except by members of the faculty who control my fate in college)
and second, I don't like voting..
so SUE ME!
it is a DEMOCRATIC country right?
and while unlike my brethren I don't use this new-fangled invention as an excuse to do whatever I like, I call upon it now to relieve me from voting for people i don't know, and whom won't probably make a difference anyway..

so rip me a new one, I don't care any more than I do for your elections!
see ya soon in Hellcity!
umm.. I'm planning a surprise for my significant other, I don't know how, but she caught a sniff and now knows...

feminie intuition.

good thing I already know how to clean the dishes, sweep the floor and do most of the household requirements, so that we won't have to argue about distribution of chores.. naturally and without any argument..
I have my household position firmly secured.. so I won't be kicked out in the cold.. Brrr.

salam to all of you back home, pls wait till I come back to tear me a new one, this is my father's laptop after all and I don't want any obscenities sent my way!

My results are out, I don't know anything about them yet I swear.. Oh the chills the chills
gooseflesh all over.
Keep 'em crossed!
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