And the Torch shall be passed:

Since Stephie tagged me two days ago, I decided to join the cause:
here are my choices!

Random 10:

01- Nightwish- Over the hills and far away
02- SoundGarden- Rusty Cage
03- DreamTheater- Hollow Years
04- Jet- Cold Hard Bitch
05- Eric Clapton- Layla
06- Stevie Ray Vaughn- Texas Flood
07- Christina Aguilera & Missy E.- Car wash
08- Nirvana- Pennyroyal Tea
09- Liquid tension Experiment- Acid Rain
10- Metallica- Orion

1) What is the total amount of music files on your computer?

Actually on the computer, Nil, Zero.. I burn them on Cds, oh around 150-something cds (I swear to God its MORE but you wouldn't believe me!)

2) The last CD you bought

a couple of them actually:
An evening with John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess
Marty Friedman- Music for Speeding
Joe Satriani- Engines of Creation
Joe Satriani- The Extremist
Dio- Holy Diver
Dio- Master of the moon

3) What is the song you last listened to before this message?

Cheap Trick- Mighty Wings (yes from TopGun.. I love that movie!)

4) Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you:

Aerosmith- Deuces are wild
Jimi Hendrix- Voodoo Chile
Velvet Revolver- Fall to Pieces
Guns'n'Roses- Sweet Child of mine
DreamTheater- As I am

5) Who are you going to pass this (stick this!) to? Three people and why?

SoB- Cuz till now no one put a single techno song on his/her list and I love those too!

I would've said Najma or Lady NIW but they havent been active for a long

Nabil- Cuz he said once he liked Madonna, I don't, and I want to see what other stuff he likes!

and Liana, Cuz she's a new friend, and also cuz I don't want an all-guy list!
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