And then again...

I got round to the sleeping trick:
just ram as many Advils down your throat as you can without having to pump out your stomach 15 minutes later, put "An evening with John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess" on your MD-player, and start counting imaginary cars loaded with T.N.T passing over your head..
that's the only way you'll feel at home here, where fighting consists of "staring at someone while putting on an angry expression" ah... La-La land at last.

Not that I take Advil without reason.. I caught a cold bug two days ago, perfect timing, the start of my vay-kay, and i have a broken water tap in my face...

I did something gooooood some 90 mins ago.. I'm not in liberty to tell.. just that I feel goooooooood... I knew that I would.. so good.. so good.. I've got you..
oh well back to the subject:

what was the subject anyway? when was the last time I had a worthy subject?
E.T. phone home.
they put the thing on TV last week.. memories of chocolate and boogers mixed together.
not good ones I admit.

oh, I found out a couple of niiiiiice sites while surfing here, go check the links at ..DUH.. the links section.

I need to sleep.
did you know after so much insomnia, your brain matter starts to liquefy? did I write that right?
wright. rite. whatever.

see ya.
Sleepy Sheepy
a.k.a. 13
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