Where I have been:

Yes, I'm here.
No, I didn't get killed or hurt or whatever (a lot of people are going: AWW CRAP..)
Maybe, I'll manage to come here again in the next few days.

sorry folks for my irresponsibility, but i've been up to my ears in college stuff..
Had an Advanced MPU Architecture exam the other day, did ok, managed (along with the whole class) to postpone our Modern Control exam for three weeks or so (two left now) and pulled a muscle in my right thigh, because of which I walk like frankenstein's monster, doctor said it was like a minor tear in the muscle which could get more complicated, big deal... oh do NOT ask me how I even manage to use the toilet seat! (cannot bend my left leg OR EVEN MOVE IT, I drag it around like a log connected to my hip)
Oh they should dish out a prize for the guy who invented DEEP HEAT RUB!!

anyways, although i'm living now on norgesic and other various painkillers, generally i'm ok, better than my friend who got hit by a GMC Yukon carrying some VIPs some days ago, he had multiple (five) compound fractures in his right arm (which he uses to write) and is now unable to do the exams.. c'est la vie.
he's ok though, still breathing, so he's fine by ANY standard down here!

what have I to say more?
what happened these days?
nothing much, same old same old.

there is fighting now in our area, i hear shooting and explosions near by, i wonder why they didnt cut the electricity yet.. i should wrap this up quick...
see ya round.
man i'm too drugged to be PO'ed but somehow i am!

oh yeah, we GOT HOT WATER! hell yeah!

oh and the weather:
its ok, something in the twenties (celsius... DUHHH) and although I get my @$$ frozen in the mornings (my university is just on the river.. CHILLY!) but i manage to stay warm.. how? by thinking warm thoughts! like about the day when I will skip this dump for good! hell yeah i'm sweating buckets already!
i wanna get out.
i'm BORED.
nothing changes around here..

sticking it to someone on the highway
gasoline shortage
electricity shortage
stic... oh i'm too friggin tired to go on.

I WANT TO WA... ooh big booms getting close!
i wonder who's getting killed?
God have mercy on the dead.

so like.. what is more to say?

oh yeah.
smell ya round.
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