Tomorrow's it!

Well boys and girls.. tomorrow's the big day!
Christmas time is upon us, and the time of festivities is nigh!
Here's to a VERY merry christmas to all the good souls out there, and to the bad ones as well!
btw: who won the Nobel peace prize this year? never got round to watching it on satellite.. maybe i'll hit the net for it...

In here its a LITTLE bit better than last week, the gasoline shortage is somewhat less (i.e. you can find blackmarket gasoline to buy) , and the electricity is somewhat better!
I'm filling up my time by studying for the inevitable mid-semester exams coming round 4th of January, and playing some PS2..
does anyone know how to catch Fabienne in Driv3r? just asking...

the other day there were some american soldiers in my university, which is not uncommon since the local command post for that area is just behind my uni!
Anyways, as I was saying, a couple of hummers and some soldiers on foot were going round, they came right next to where I was walking, hmmm... I don't have any xenophobic tendencies as some people told me somewhere, but the only thing in my mind at that time was: "OH BOY, if some idiot tries something stupid like attacking the troops, we're gonna be mincemeat!"
thank God, nothing happened, and as the soldiers passed by, one of them said hello, so we (a couple of friends and myself) politely replied back.. (we said hello... Duuuh.)
borrrrrrrrrrring yes I know, but that's the way it is!


Many thanks go to the esteemed people at the ministry of higher education for cutting off ALL funding from my university, it goes that my university before the war was named Saddam University, now, that name does not imply in any way that its holder was either a student nor a faculty member, it only meant that my university was under direct supervision from the presidential council, therefore, and UNLIKE ALL OTHER UNIVERSITIES IN IRAQ, there were no bribes, no payoffs to pass, people had to STUDY to pass, professors did their best at ALL times, and did not tell the students to p*ss off and go buy their lectures or pay them in cold hard cash to succeed, we were something else back then, THE ONLY FULLY-FUNCTIONAL UNIVERSITY IN IRAQ IN WHICH PEOPLE DID STUDY.. and this brought on many a thought of hatred and jealousy from other universities...
anyways, going off the point there,
Now, after the war, since there is no more presidential council and stuff like that, and everyone is fending for himself, the brainless spiteful people in the ministry decided to cut all funding and salaries from us, now, some professors were not paid their dues since LAST YEAR, and many resigned to go work in other places, some even got work in the states!
this came to mind when I noticed that the number of attending professors at the university is decreasing rapidly, after enquiring, I was told the stuff above..
so, I would like to thank (without specifying names) all those aforementioned people in true NEW IRAQ spirit and congratulate them for keeping the cycle of hatred and spite alive and well!
When the head of the department tells you that next year there will be no more classes because they cannot pay the professors to attend, you suddenly feel overcome with joy..

I am witnessing the death of my alma mater.. A feeling I do not recommend for anyone.

(note: in Iraq, most universities -excluding a few- are government sponsored, education is FREE.)

Merry Christmas to the world!

hmmm... and by the way, I'm cutting out on cigs tomorrow! here's to a smoke-free 2005!

see ya round the new year!

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