Merry Christmas!

Yes... I know it's too early to start breaking out the eggnog but since I cannot guarantee posting here from now till the next year (I've said that somewhere before) I want to congratulate all of you kindred spirits on the coming of christmas and the new year!
I hope it will be a better world, a brave new world as they say!

thank you all for visiting THEN SOME! from time to time, I know i've been a lousy blogger but that was the best I could do!
here are some of my new year's resolutions:

1- lose some weight (already working on that)
2- keep on blogging here.
3- pass my courses with a good average.
4- improve my guitar (I have a crazy solo I've been wanting to pull since ages! maybe next year!)
5- go visit my significant other (Halfway across the globe... that visa will be a nightmare to obtain!)
6- find a job.
7- being a better person and friend.

see ya round (hope to be sooner than I predicted..)
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