Hello again!

Hmmm... let's see.. first things first:

In my last couple of posts I noticed I became too relient on bi*ching about my life here and how everything was shot to s**t and all...
I apologise, for yet again I stand corrected..

I was made to look again at my life and what I want of it by the words of the wise, or as he calls himself, Papa Ray..

thank you for teaching me that no matter how much you think you know, there's always someone around the corner who had more experience, more knowledge than yourself.

When I said at Najma's Blog :
"I am NOT with the americans and NEVER will be.."
I meant that in here, if you do not bomb the s**t out of everyone in the streets, then you are considered a traitor and in line with the american troops, so I was making this point clear.

also, I was angry because a day earlier, a friend got hit by a truck carrying U.S. VIPs.. the driver no doubt had instructions NOT to stop for anything, which is his right to do, because no matter how the media paints the scene, the americans are on hostile grounds, their enemies wolves dressed in sheep's clothing..
No matter how you explain it or try to justify it, it still remains complex.

The Iraqi people are NOT the ones doing the killings and beheadings, for that we have to thank our neighborly countries for either loosening the control on the borders, or admitting said animals to Iraq knowingly.. s*rew them either way.

BUT.. since these idiots are either Arabs or from the middle east region in general, they look pretty much like most Iraqis here, hence the ease of which they hide among the population..

So, can a soldier read minds?
can a soldier differentiate from a smiling face and a smiling face with a hidden gun?
can a soldier know if the route he's travelling on is booby-trapped or not?


Najma once said that the "Jihadists" do their stuff where the americans are, if they are in the cities, they will blow s**t in the cities, if the americans go into the deserts, they will follow them.

I do not agree.

the animals doing this s**t (I will NOT call them Jihadists, Jihad is another thing entirely, i will come to that later) are too scared to fight in the open, they use the cover of houses and narrow alleyways because this is their method, HIT AND RUN.

bystanders are the ones who get killed no matter who's winning.

anyways, why do I always say I am not with anyone and never seem to do anything to change the situation?

because in Iraq NOTHING changes.
officials are still taking bribes even though their salaries multipled by a factor of 100!
cops are STILL on the take! (they even sell blackmarket gasoline after they confiscate it)
you cannot find a job at any place if you didnt have the proper "party" connections (i.e. you belong to one of the major political parties, s*rew your credentials!)
instead of only one family ripping Iraq's resources and wealth, we have TWENTY-SOMETHING!
Any one who grabs hold of any position in the government starts thinking how to make money out of it..

This is the insider's view.

believe it or call me a ba'athist dog calling for saddam's return, that is your choice to make.

by the way, I do not want him to return, that was one nightmare I do not want to live through again.

what is my solution?
if I had one, I wouldn't be so confused..

I pity the poor souls who have to stand guard (be they U.S. troops or INGs)
no one is on their side.
not even the ones they're trying to protect.

Lost souls knocking on heaven's door.

see ya round
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