VIEWtiful Joe vs. Falluja


Whomever thought this game out was DEFINITELY ON CRACK!
THIS IS THE BEST GAME I PLAYED SINCE "SuperMarioBros." waaay back in the dark ages!

Honors for guiding me to this GEM go to the original NBG, the SoB (listed among my friend-sites, check it out although he's worse at updating his logs than me)

Man I saw this game laying around ages ago but thought it was JUST ANOTHER MARIO CLONE designed for kids... MAN WAS I WRONG OR WAS I WRONG?!

on another hand, i have to apologise for not updating my site, but since my phone was cut off (whomever was stealing it thought it easier to steal it ONCE AND FOR ALL than to connect and disconnect the jumper cables daily, I filed a complaint, lets hope it gets processed AFTER EID..)


another thing is FALLUJA..
The U.S. forces have been pounding the snot out of falluja day in day out now, people on both sides are dying, same s**t that's been going on since ages here...
problem is, some people announcing themselves as "The Secret Army of Islam" have said that ANYone roaming the streets will BE ANNIHILATED cuz wandering around buying clothes and food while falluja is being bombed is as wrong as frequenting the local brothels or smoking weed (Which I doubt is what THEY were doing when they thought this announcement out)

The only good thing that came out of it is that there has been no college since this s**t started and there won't be till AFTER Eid or the killing fields of falluja run dry...
Means there won't be college till NEXT YEAR! YAY!

When is Eid anyway?
The Sunni (my guys) will announce it either Saturday or (more probably) Sunday according to the new moon, The Sastani Shi'a have announced it as Sunday OR Monday (a day after Sunni)
and Sadr Shi'a will probably do it on Monday or Tuesday to spite us both!
Eid will be for a WHOLE WEEK!

Anyways, Here's to a happy PEACFUL EID to EVERYONE..
Lets pray for a quick end to all the bloodshed that's going around
Sorry, Ramadhan ended so I CAN SAY WHATEVER I WANT AGAIN!
yeah whatever


Oh, and SoB:

Believe it or not, Girls ARE Evil, according to this simple mathematical relation:

Girls, as we all know, require Time AND Money, hence:

Girls = Time x Money ......... (1)

and. Time IS Money, So:

Time = Money ........ (2)

this leads to:

Girls = Money x Money ......... (3)

And, we know that Money is THE ROOT of ALL EVIL, Hence:

Girls = Evil ........ (4) !!!

Apologies to any ladies out there paying attention to my maniacal ravings!

I'll be back.

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