I'm back and I'm in it for life!

So there!
Feeling much better now.. Sorry for my last stupid post..
Things have been going somewhat fast around me, but now I got my s**t 2gether..
let's see what happened when I wasn't around:
Emirates Leader Sheik Zayid passed away, God have mercy on his soul..
American President G.W was Re-elected, let's hope for a quick and final resolution to all the s**t that's going around here.
Al-arabiya newsgroup building was hit by a car-bomb, that was near my grandparent's house.

On a happier note: (And this was a long time coming)
THEN SOME! gladly announces that it's pride and joy, the one and only AnaRki13 (that's me) is now OFF THE MARKET! (not officially though, I still need to finish my MSc. first) so girls, better luck next time! heheheh!
Man I finally struck GOLD! After two (and a half) failed attempts at finding true love, it finally gave up and found me instead! (that's EXACTLY how it happened!)
I still wonder how an idiot such as my esteemed self came across such a jewel.. man oh man..
If it wasn't for her (and I've already said this a million times already) I wouldn't have lived this long..
All I want to say to her is:
Thank you for being you, Thank you for saving my life, Thank you for showing me the light.
It's been a year now.. I love you.

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