Ramadhan Kareem! (Happy Ramadhan)

Boys and Girls, Mabrouk your Ramadhan!
Do something useful with it!
For you not understanding what Ramadhan is, here's my version of the story:

Ramadhan is a month in the Islamic Hijri Calendar, which is a lunar one, so basically, the start and end of the month is determined by the lunar cycle..

Ramadhan holds a special place to all muslims since it is the month in which Holy Quran was delivered to the Prophet Muhammed..
In Ramadhan, ALL muslims within age (9 years and above) and with sound body and mind, should undergo fasting, Fasting is a word used to describe the act of not eating or drinking or smoking from dawn till dusk, in essence, it is MUCH MORE..
Fasting MUST include not lying, stealing, cheating, doing bad deeds, or even THINKING BAD THOUGHTS (Purification for the Soul, if you may)..
This Soul aspect has sadly been missed by many people i know or see here, they simply consider Ramadhan to be a chance for a DIET, or QUITTING SMOKING...
Funny thing is:
In Ramadhan, The only people doing the killings and all that are the Jihadist Fundementalists!
Since it is a Holy month, ALL fundementalists want to blow themselves or their enemy "infidels" to seventh heaven, WHY? Cuz they believe in doing so they will be blessed and be INSTANTANEOUSLY teleported to paradise..

Since I am fasting I am not allowed to express my mind as usual, in fact, I should clean out my thoughts... hmm lets see.. 2 hours till dusk... yeah see ya in two hours (if i have a telephone line)

Later and THEN SOME!

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