My Main-Page Comment!

Call me what you want, but I am too lazy think about or write a new post.. I will comment on previous comments and also add some new info.. ok?
here goes:

Ali Mohammed: I met you in college the other day, right? nice work on your blog..

Sami: Most of my friends (Rockers run in packs here) know Alice but hate them.. too bad.. heaven beside you is great, but my all time favorites are Rooster and I stay away..Nirvana... What can I say? I was introduced to them by the SoB, he probably doesn't remember, but he made me watch Smells like teen spirit and I was hooked! I'm still known as a grunge guitarist (Although I changed my style to 80's Hard Rock) because my first year in college I was always Nirvana this, Nirvana that, you know!
Deftones are cool, they play from the heart, liked White Pony and The Deftones, btw, which album is My Own Summer on? I got only the single.
I hate system of a down! Sorry! but my idea of rock is razor sharp shredding riffs followed by an ear splitting 10 minute solo!
Sorry about the Oprah thing, you are free to choose any other name!

Lady NIW: My side of the world... Hmmm... Lemme see:
Things are more or less the same, me and my looney buddies have futoor at a friend's house, like I said the other time, We split the money, then order a huge amount (enough for 15 monsters who are willing to take a bite off each other if the food wasn't enough!)
and go to iftar at a friend's house..
First time was the routine yearly pilgrimage to my good friend RS7's house, we meet there to discuss which one can stuff more food in his face and important matters like that..
the Second one was to visit a friend whom a TimeBomb detonated next to his car!
A piece of shrapnel went through his shoulder, Thank God for that, wait wait... I mean Thank God because it didn't hit his neck, his head, his eyes, or any major organ.. It just went through the shoulder muscle and stopped there. thank God again.. we name such close calls in Iraq: "Bil Reesh" "In the feathers" cuz it's like when you're hunting a bird, you shoot it, and you hit the wing feathers, the bird drops then flies again!
My Angel.. Oh God. See her? I wish! She's on the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD! literaly!
I miss her day in, day out, LIKE HELL.. but still, I feel much better that she is not here, with all the S**T that's going on.. also, even if she was here, do you think I would be able to see her? I mean, most people who have daughters think of boys as something that falls between bird crap and gutter slime.. They are not to blame since most of the boys here have only one thing on their mind!
Anyways, thanx for all of you who've been following the IRREGULAR advance of THEN SOME!
and Cheers!
I ain't saying the usual "Smell ya..." thing because Someone here doesn't like it!
Oh and SoB, I bought a GBA! kn0w anyone HERE who has Carts for it? or do you know where I can get a programmable cart so I can load the ROMs I have on it? Oh and BURNOUT3 Rocks! I mean, It doesn't reach GT for racing skills, but it outstrippes EVERYTHING in the FUN area! Awesome car damage!

For all of the Non-Gamers out there, I was talking about games and stuff with the ORIGINAL NBG!

Oh my frig... Sorry ... my poor head.. want to snooze.

Salam to the masses.
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