I BID THEE FAREWELL.. (Not really)

Well well..Seems that Allah finally granted your wishes,I will STOP posting here....


Don't be that happy, I ain't that easy to get rid of.
Thing is, I sold my laptop some time ago, I got the money yesterday, I bought a Sony Playstation2 (KILLER), a Sony Net MD Walkman (KILLER also) and will buy a desktop again in less than ten days God willing..
I've been using my father's laptop these past few days (thank you plenty) and since he's leaving for jordan in 4 hours or so (Its around 2Am now but I can't connect since my cousin upstairs is using the only working phoneline in the house, guess i'll have to wait) I won't be able to post here till I get a new pc up and running..
So like, keep it going while I'm not around, I'll be posting my same pile of steaming poop soon enough, so MAKE THE BEST OUT OF THIS TIME!

Ahhh I will miss all of you... I will miss having something to rant about... I will really miss
all my good friends whom i met here, i hope i was a good friend to them...smell y'all later..
keep on blogging!

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