This is the THIRD TIME I'm writing this, lets hope this time whomever's stealing my phone-line (probably a neighbor) will let me use the phone for FIVE minutes so I can post this and get lost..
This S**T has been going on close to 14 days now, EVERYNIGHT some idiot hooks-up on the telephone line somewhere between my house and the local phone cabin and cuts me off from the outside world...

AT LAST MY FRIGGIN' PHONE IS BACK.. (pardon my french)
It seems that whomever's doing this, has took it upon himself to see that I sleep early and study hard instead of browsing the internet..
Before, I could understand that he/she would steal the line and use it to call abroad... but now since I told the phone company to cut the 0 prefix, the son-of-a-diseased-***** is 100% using it to browse the net... OHH I WOULD..... Sorry got carried away with thoughts..

On another note, Something at the cellphone company, IRAQNA, has gone seriously wrong the past week.. The service shuts down for hours on end, and the company is not distributing pre-paid credit for us to buy... and since we Iraqis are very rumor-loving (YET LAW-OBEDIENT... yeah right) people, these strange events have spawned some very funny stories, let me share some of them with you:

1. When the first shut-down occured, IMMEDIATELY a rumor spread in baghdad saying that the head of the company has died, and the company will shutdown for three days TILL HIS FUNERAL ENDS! (Islamic Protocol: Funeral lasts for three days), however, the service returned the same night, and this rumor died.

2. The second one was that 100 credit-cards were stolen, each with the value of 20$ and in order to cut the losses, the company will shut-down for TWO MONTHS! Imagine shutting down a 20 MILLION $ per month operation in order not to lose 2000$!!!

3. The FUNNIEST one is saved for last, it said:
"There was this Iraqi interpreter who works for the U.S. Army, he became best-buddies with a general there, and this general was kind enough to give him this strange code and told him to input it on his mobile.. So the poor guy goes and enters the code as it was given to him, and POOF! the Network SHUTS-DOWN!"
I will NOT comment on this one, but I swear that it was told around Baghdad!

Oh God, I'd better go now since my kindly son-of-a-diseased-***** neighbor probably wants to steal the phone again to check his email...

Thank you for using Iraqi Telecom network.. please burn in hell for all eternity while we profit off your A$$..
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