About them jokes...

When I posted those rude jokes some time ago, I broke a major promise I'd made with myself.. I'd promised myself that I would never ever take pot-shots at anyone because of their religion, gender, age, nationality, or sexeual preference..
thank you for proving me wrong.
In my society, such jokes are made and told to relieve sexual tension, to release pent-up feelings and to assure each other that it is RIGHT to be homophobic (homophobia = fear of homosexuality)
ALMOST ALL mid-eastern guys are homophobic, yet we don't talk about it, we feel it is wrong to express fear to others.. this is the way we've been raised, this has been the way since centuries..
I've always thought of myself to be the least homophobic guy in the middle east..
My idea was that even though homosexuality is banned in Islam (punishable by death) and I don't feel it is right, but I don't hold a personal grudge against homosexuals like most of the people I know...
Live and let live. this is how I am. (most of the time!)

So, the point is, whenever I make a major foul-up or my logic seems to be WAY OFF course, please take a couple of minutes and post a remark so I can remedy the situation.

Thank you. (All of you in general and one of you in particular! the one who got on my back and forced me to think again!)

(Finished Onimusha3 and busy with SplinterCell2.. )
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