I got another *&^*%$ message from one of my friends saying something like "YahooMail will stop being a free service and they will charge like 10$ or something PER MONTH cuz they exceeded the user limit, so if you dont send this message to all the people on your contact list, we will hunt you to the ends of the earth like a rabid dog, shoot you and rid humanity from the likes of you and all spawn that will spring from within your loins.. something close to that anyway."
Don't believe me? well, bear with me here and let me explain what i think about this farce:
lets say this given message's size is not larger than 10kB, OK?
and that YOU have NOT MORE than 50 contacts on the average, OK?
and those contacts in the next layer do not have more than 50 contacts, and so does every layer and so on...
well, if i send to all and THEY send to ALL, this is like the following:
10kB x 50 x 50 x 50 x .... etc... DO THE MATH, PEOPLE!
and for a simple 3-layer message, the 10kb suddenly baloons to something like 1.25 GIGA BYTES OF SPAM!!!
this is crazy, and the people who believe said messages are too!
I mean, i've been recieving such threats from like, a year ago, first: Yahoo was gonna shut down ON CHRISTMAS, and you have to send to all,
then: Yahoo MESSENGER was shutting down on March, and you had to send to all to avoid being deleted..
then again: in July, Yahoo messenger was "re-calibrating" (or something like it) it's membership links, and you had to send to all again to ensure you are SEEN on the server and thus verify you are still an active member..
and NOW: (actually september had two such threats) YahooMAIL has reached its TWO MILLION people membership and will shut you down if you dont send to all, what kind of an idiot would believe such crap? THE UNITED STATES ALONE HAS MORE PEOPLE ON YAHOO-MAIL EXCEEDING TWO MILLION ALREADY! (not to mention CHINA, The EU, Russia, the Middle East, and the rest of the world!)
Actually, Do you know that you are helping shutting down said servers (chat, mail, etc..) by SENDING this kind of message? Yes, imagine what kind of pressure will be put on the server each time this message is sent and forwarded to all... So, in order to relieve pressure, and keep the service running fast, the people at YAHOO! have to get bigger, faster servers, ok? well, BIGGER+FASTER=$$$$ MUCHOS DINEROS $$$
AND THEY HAVE TO CHARGE US FOR IT... Money does NOT grow on trees..
OK, do us all a favor, and make sure you NEVER SEND ANY MESSAGE LIKE THIS AGAIN!
13out (very PO'ed at the moment)

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