Welcome to the JUNGLE! part 1

Hello my fellow (non-arabic speaking) adventurers:
Since I am a very VERY nice person, I took it upon myself to introduce you to some NICE words used in modern day Iraq to express some rather nice feelings and emotions, I will write the word in english, as close to the arabic spelling as possible, then the meaning in english and wether its a verb or a noun, adj, etc.. and then its use in an ENGLISH sentence, believe me it works! Well then, shall we?
(btw, i cant do RUDE words cuz girls from my class might decide to drop here, so, if u want them, send me an email and i'll mail them to you soon as I'm done with them! )
Shroogi (shru-gee...the "g" is like the first one in GARAGE) :
 NOUN -The closest meaning to this word in english is unrefined-lazy ass-scumbag-who dresses like a traffic light (wow, all that in one word?)
this is used as follows: when seeing someone dressed rather like ANYONE who attended this year's MTV VMA awards (which is also something I WILL rant about in future releases) u go like: "Hey, what are you? Shroogi?"
M'aydi (Mmm-aie-dee) :
NOUN - Same as Shroogi above. 
Also used for the same purpose, in fact, these two words are synonyms.
Ishtah (Ish-tahh) :
VERB - This means something like pi**-off, or f**k-off or go the f**k away... nice word commonly used, even to describe oneself.(in this case replace the I with an A and pronounce Ash-tahh). it is used like: "Guys, I have college early tomorrow, so I have to ashtah" or "Ishtah from here you fool.. or I will ____... " (fill the blank with an every-day four letter word and some other suffixes that are appropriate to the event)
Nachir (Na-chirr) :
ADJECTIVE - This describes someone who is utterly and insanely fearless, like: "Hey did you see that guy who stole that old lady's purse in front of the cops? by God he is nachir.."
Nagari (Na-ga-ree) :
ADJECTIVE - This describes a distinguished theif.. like "Our neighbor stole a bus from the union after the war, what a brave nagari he is.."
Qaffas (Kaf-fas) :
ADJECTIVE - Used to describe a master of trickery, with whom you dont know you've been slipped a mickey even long after he's gone from the scene. something like: "You sold your old 1979 crate-of-a-toyota to that man for 5000$? What a great Qaffas you are, I would be honored if u take me as a student.."
and the great one, left till the end of part 1:
HAWASIM! (Hawa-simm) :
ADJECTIVE, NOUN, EVERYTHING! - The last US-IRAQI farce of a war was dubbed in the beginning by the former head of state saddam hussein as "the battle of hawasim", the real meaning in classic arabic is something like "the end of all", BUT, after the fall of the regime, and the chaos that spread around the country, people started looting everything from buildings to cars to locomotive-engines, everything and anything, INCLUDING the not-so-proverbial KITCHEN SINK (I saw someone lugging a sink around, I swear by God!) So, since the war had that name, and these people did this after the war, they were eventually and unavoidably dubbed "HAWASIM". This word describes someone who would even stop to steal the tooth-pic you have in your mouth after stealing your house, your car, your money, your food AND your clothes! Or someone who made his money from stealing everything from you after the war... this is now considered a MODERN CLASSIC among iraqi people and is one of the priceless additions to the everyday language of Iraq! why? because of its unbelievable versatility! (and the fact that there must be like a million actual HAWASIM people now, its evident from the amount of BMWs and Mercedes's that are in the street now!) it is used in ANYWAY YOU LIKE! from:
"Hey, HAWASIM!" (to call a friend whom you like)
"What? you think I'm HAWASIM?" (to explain where you suddenly got the money to buy 3 BMWs, a yacht and a mansion after you used to sell Kerosene from a Donkey-driven cart)
"How did you manage to finish your BSc graduation project, Abdullah? (that's me)"
and I answer: "HAWASIM!"
ok, thats the end of the first part! wait for the upcoming installments!
smell y'all later!

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