the HO' -lympics!

Yeah that's right, this ain't got nothing to do with the olympics, which I admit (regardess of my dislike for all non-contact sports) were good.. No people, this rant has to do with the farce-parade that was called Mtv VMA '04! God! Who dresses these people? to think like someone would actually walk the streets wearing what ANYONE there was wearing! (Honorable exceptions include Bruce Willis and Sean -P.Diddy- Combs)
What are these guys thinking?
I was even ashamed to see Christina Aguilera, MY Christina Aguilera, drag Nelly by his willy, or when Jet came around to receive their bauble, I mean, who am I to tell people NOT to get stoned AND I consider Jet to be a return to the good old days of Aerosmith and RollingStones, but please, next time take whatever you take to get HIGH, AFTER the ceremony, not DURING!
the funniest sight had to be when MM (Marilyn Manson for those not in the know) came with some chic to present some band, she was PETRIFIED of him! And the band he presented turned out to be some Demis Roussos Wannabes dressed in bedsheets the color of the rainbow... PATHETIC, as if THE DARKNESS were not enough!
Well, that's what happens when an 80's metal fan watches Mtv... I can't do this to myself anymore... Nurse, my medicine please... NURRRRSSSSEE.... ARGH!
g2g, things to do, people to eat..

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