Here today, 2morrow in HELL!

Well, this has really been the longest holiday I've had in YEARS! (3 to be exact!)
"So what was it like?" u ask? BORRRRRRING! man, I know I got electricity 24/7 in here and I haven't heard a single gunshot since the highschool results came out (This is like an epidemic with Arabs, We ALWAYS shoot guns to show how happy we are!) Ohh the horror THE HORROR! Anyways, I would like to thank my parents for bearing with me this whole time, I know I made these two months (more like 3) hell for them and somehow I dont feel a bit guilty about it, but sorry anyway.. Also come to mind my good friends V-knight, Blue and RS7, who were THE ONLY ones telling me not to cut my vacation short and return home, well, now I recognise that as THE BEST PIECE OF ADVICE I've recieved this year! (And to all them udder-humpers who told me to come back, i only have this to say: Nya nya na na na!) So like, thanx for being such good friends and all..
Ha ha ha ha stayin' alive... ha ha ha ha stayin' alive...
Smell y'all later

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