THE DAILYSHOW with Jon Stewart..


talk about freedom of the press! Man I was watching this dude cooking Good Ole' G. W. on a steady fire and all the time there was like a voice in my head saying "OFF WITH HIS HEAD! (Stew not G.W.)" Man that dude got some really BIG brass ones! I mean, to rant at Howdy-Dowdy "Bushie" (that's what Laura's calling him, HIS DAUGHTERS SAID SO! I swear I didn't make that up) is one thing, but to go on CNN LIVE and rant at him, that is something else, something that requires the aforementioned BRASS ONES. I dunno, maybe its me, maybe cuz I come from a country (IRAQ: former "AXIS-OF-EVIL" active member and current goody-goody state with oh-so-bad neighbors) where having the mere notion that the esteemed head-of-state (holy, immortal, and forever young) would actually connect with the people (us, mortals, common crap) by sharing with them the experience of using the toilet, would have you thrown away from the sun for good! (and NOT in the 3DoorsDown fluffy tear-jerker album way!)

"So who do you think is better?" You ask? Well my friends, let me enlighten you a little, BOTH THE "BEFORE" AND "AFTER" STORIES OF IRAQ ARE TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN.. AND A TRICK ONE AT THAT, ONE WHICH HAS HEADS ON BOTH FACES.. Oh well, I was ranting about CNN and somehow I got here! To end a short story LONG, I say this: SALUTE TO CNN and SALUTE FOR Mr. JON STEWART of the DAILYSHOW.. KEEP ON ROCKIN' IN THE FREE WORLD!

this is what i call freedom! HAH!



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