Well well, just when you thought it was safe to go visit ur grandparent's house.... BOOM! a car explodes in the next street taking lives and causing further pain and destruction to this ravaged place.
I should be glad no one from my family got hurt, esp. my elderly grandparents and my baby cousins, well, to tell the truth.. I CANNOT FEEL ANYMORE.
Ok, so they got away today, SO WHAT? they are bound to get it next time around, and I am tired of worrying EVERYTIME this happens, SO, I decided to stop caring who dies and who doesn't.. its like Russian Roulette, but played with FIVE bullets instead of ONE.
Before, if you kept to your house you had a chance of seeing the light of another day, NOW? the only safe place is six feet under..
I don't have shellshock thank you very much, I would really appreciate it if i did.
Wake me up when its over.
Oh yeah, College is three days away! Yay! Managed to beg some fellow students to come pick me up first day cuz I don't fancy taking the idea of spending the hour and a half ride to college alone with nothing but the dumb-ass radio jock screaming in my head..
I'll talk about the radio dudes later.
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