Back in the Saddle

Yay! Today was the first day of the new college year! Just got my lecture schedule, seems ok at first glance, but as usual, the department will manage to screw it up before long..After that went to Karrada to buy various electronic parts for some project (NO IT IS NOT A TIME-BOMB) I don't remember those being that expensive, maybe its BECAUSE of all the others buying them TO MAKE BOMB-TIMERS out of them! Who knows? This is IRAQ!

Well, I am certainly quaking in my boots at the prospect of starting my MSc and all, I don't want to fail, I CANNOT FAIL.. everything i want to do in life depends on this coming year.. Ohhhh.
Anyways, everything to its time.

I found the list below in an old book and translated it to english, talks about what makes Japanese, American, and Iraqi people happy, it was written SEVEN years ago but its JUST LIKE NOW!! hope you like it:

Some of the "MANY" reasons for being happy:

In Japan:

01. Old comfy things.
02. Something to do, someone to love, something to wish for.
03. Photography (Hobby)
04. Freedom of the press.
05. Seeing fishermen early morning.
06. Not eating when you're not hungry.
07. Finding TWO convincing reasons for doing something.
08. Watching Sunrise.
09. The smell of the Ocean.
10. Life after 60.
11. Watching your relatives when they are happy.
12. A bouquet of flowers on your desk and a smile waiting for you at work.
13. Finding time for everything.
14. Meeting childhood friends again.
15. Finding a seat on the subway.
16. Drinking Sake in a nice restaurant.
17. Touring other countries.
18. Meeting new friends.

In the States:

01. Writing Diaries.
02. Your Luck suddenly changing towards the better.
03. Seeing comforting people in the elevator.
04. The old Idiom "Better Ask twice than lose your way ONCE".
05. Breakfast in bed, doing the crosswords and remembering your childhood memories.
06. Going to Hawaii and wearing its Shirts.
07. Watching people eating potato-chips.
08. Not listening to stupid questions.
09. Using an electric tooth-brush.
10. Finding toilet-paper in the toilet.
11. Having a spare tyre in your car.
12. To finish eating peanuts before the movie begins in the cinema.
13. waking up on a cold chilly morning and finding out you still have a half hour to sleep.
14. Not getting lost on the free-way.
15. Watching lovers in the rain.
16. Washing the car and there is no rain.
17. Eating in the kitchen.
18. Watching a yacht-race.
19. Recieving a dear friend at the Airport.
20. Writing a letter to a newspaper.
21. Drinking Hot chocolate.
22. Watching the sun rising or setting from aboard a cruise-ship.
23. Your Baby's first tooth.
24. Watching the city skyline from afar.
25. Singing in the shower.


01. The Prices of Yesteryear (the times before), The Memories of Yesteryear and the SONGS of yesteryear.
02. Reading newspapers for free (mooching)
03. Waking up in the morning and finding out that theives did not steal your car (or its Tyres) YET.
04. Waking up THE NEXT MORNING and finding out that theives did not steal your Gas (propane) tanks or the propane regulator YET.
05. Getting the food rations and selling half your wheat and sugar rations.
06. Getting the Engine-Oil rations.
07. putting a new sole on your already patched-to-pieces shoe.
08. Getting Petrol or Gasoline for official prices.
09. The Arrival of the Garbage car.
10. Going to the market in your Pajamas.
11. Smelling the aromatic smoke of a Kebob (KABAB) restaurant.
12. Opening the fridge and finding three tomatoes.
13. Episode 13 of the Current Arabic series.
14. Going to a government building and finding someone SMILING.
15. Finding a buyer for all of your household items.
16. Attending the THIRD day of a funeral.
17. The grocer allows you to pick something yourself ONCE.

With the current situation as it is, I am more than willing to add some things that would really make me happy:

18. You get out of a taxi, you find your shirt's back is NOT BLACK.
19. Getting stuck in traffic for less than TWO hours.
20. Seeing a traffic-light that works or someone that would stop to it if it did.
21. Hearing only three explosions daily.
22. Hearing only gunshots at night, No screams and no explosions.
23. Having 8 hours of electricity daily (not continuous even).
24. The phoneline working.
25. The Waterpipes working.
26. You are driving on the highway and no one pulls a U-turn.
27. You are driving on a bridge and no one pulls a U-turn.
28. You are driving, you are still somewhat calm and your blood pressure has only risen to 190/120 YET.
29. You get jumped daily by only three beggars with self-inflicted handicaps.
30. Having a QUIET family conversation (everybody competes for WHO'S GOT THE LOUDEST VOICE, its true.)
31. Having the day pass without your family or sweetheart worrying themselves to death over you because you were stuck in traffic and you arrived 3 hours late.
32. Abu-Mus'ab El-Zarqawi not blowing up your college.
33. Abu-Mus'ab El-Zarqawi not blowing up the embassy near your house.
34. Abu-Mus'ab El-zarqawi not killing people you know and people you don't know.
35. Muqtada Sadr not blowing up your college.
36. Muqtada Sadr not blowing up the embassy near your house.
37. Muqtada Sadr not killing people you know and people you don't know.
38. Staying alive after writing this.
39. Not watching AL-Bourtuqala (reference here) again.

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