I am scared. REALLY scared. What comes after college? Where will I find work amongst all the bombings and assasinations? Seems the only way is OUT, But is OUT really better? People keep saying that tomorrow will be better, well, YEAH SURE, if tomorrow was 15 years from now! .... This is a problem of a whole generation, we were born in the middle of a war, we grew up during another one, and finally, we graduated months after a third one ended! Peace is an alien word to us!

Ask a kid in the street to draw something on a paper, I GUARANTEE, REGARDLESS of gender, the first thing that comes out is either a tank, a soldier, or a missile.. This is way more deep than just changing regimes or "KEEPING THE FREE WORLD SAFE" (Yeah whatever), War has become a WAY OF LIFE. Among all the killing and maiming, something was lost, that thing, I found out some time ago, is the ability to see ahead, see past just tomorrow and the day after it, think AND plan our lives..

Anyways, I've got two more years to waste before thinking about this again, but something tells me this issue is gonna be like the ghost of christmas past, present, and future all rolled into one, haunting my A$$ off day and night.

Well, To see the future more clearly, you have to get a new pair of glasses, Right?



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