Call me an idiot, call me a fool, but for what I did yesterday I deserve to be shot in the face and hanged by the b**ls till I dry in the hot baking sun of iraq.. here's a breakdown of what happened in a moment of PURE GENIUS!
I had a problem with my compaq evo1020v laptop (everyone in the world has problems with these goody-goody holier-than-thou pieces of electronic S**T they call laptops) argh! anyways, so I decide to use the friggin' recovery cd that came with it.. In a moment of madness I somehow ignored the small (100pixel x 50 pixel) -sized sign telling me that this cd will restore the laptop to its factory defaults, during which it will f**k-up ALL MY HARDDRIVES and do a complete FDISK on everything and ERASE EVERY GOD-DAMNED THING I HAD STORED FOR THE LAST FOUR YEARS! ARGH! now? I'm writing this with a WOWEE resolution of 640x480 running on 16 colors!!! THAT IS SIXTEEN COLORS! and no sound, cuz the idiots who made the recovery cd also made sure that none of the important drivers would be included! oh the horror the horror! i am downloading the drivers as this is written and Yahoo messenger as well, I will not mention the shock that came when I realised that I lost my college diaries of three years, my GRADUATION project (which thankfully I already presented, discussed, and got an "A" for) and SOME REALLY RARE MP3s and VIDS! ARGH! well, thats what happens when you decide to trust a big corporation like Compaq to get its s**t together... oh well.
smell y'all later in 16colors

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