Well, I restored the Video card now, took me 3 hours to download the friggin' driver, now I'm getting the Audio one, 60% complete, guess it'll be done by midnight! anyways, I cant blog from the main site cuz of the bandwidth limitations, but I'll be blogging via email, somehow this still works and I can still send my priceless blogs via mail, LONG LIVE YAHOO MAIL LONG LIVE YAHOO MAIL! (btw, MAKTOOB is much better, 10 times larger, but hey, I'm fine with this!)
Another thing, why do big corporations like Compaq and Dell bother themselves to supply us with worthless SYSTEM RECOVERY cds if they dont supply the hardware drivers needed? And why do they call it QUICK RESTORE if the damn thing ACTUALLY TAKES THE TIME TO OH-SO-SLOWLY FDISK your poor hard-drive till very last bit is wiped out? It should be called something like: I'M-GONNA-OBLITERATE-EVERYTHING-YOU-GOT-YOU-DUMB-SON-OF-A-*****-GO-BACK-TO-YOUR-MOMMY RESTORE, yeah, thats more like it! Now if they print that on the cd, not only it will make people like me (who obviously dont know jack-shit about how So-called QUICK RESTORE works) feel better, it would actually do them a big service cuz they sell their stuff honestly! RIGHT?
yeah whatever!
ok, Smell y'all later

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